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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

May Goals

I created my Goals List, and added it to the right of my blog, beneath my ScriptFrenzy participant logo! Here's a list of my current goals:

  1. Ghosts Of Time - a time travel screenplay, originally for ScriptFrenzy.
  2. Wetcanvas WDT Challenge - May 9th - Animals!
  3. Wetcanvas Monthly CP Challenge - May - Orange!
  4. Wetcanvas Creature Feature - May - Naga!
  5. Create my first Polymer Clay piece!

I hope to work more on my Script this month, I'd like to think of some new characters that could be added, I have already thought of one being from the future, a post-apocalyptic future, where aliens have invaded and conquered earth. Humans are an endangered species, and the aliens are trying to exterminate them!

Aliens have started using Time Travel to try and take away our triumphs and achievements, like inventions and anything to further our race. If they can weaken our race in the past, it will make us all the more conquerable in the future. At least that's their plan. My heroes will steal the time travel technology, stealing people from the timeline that are just about to die, and adding them to their team. Then travel through time, trying to undo what has been done by the aliens.

I've added a number of Art Challenges to have a go at, I want to practice my art more, I feel I've been letting myself down by not doing any recently, I want to further my skills and become a publishable artist. I need practice to do this!

I was given a Polymer Clay set for my birthday recently, and I'm looking forward to making my first sculpture. I'm thinking of doing a snail or other cute creature for my first attempt!

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