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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Clearing Out The Clutter

I seem to have made a mess of my goals lately, I've fallen behind and missed the deadline of my ScriptFrenzy project, my room has turned into a complete tip, I've eaten nothing but cakes and chocolate over the last month, I now have over a stone to lose to meet my target weight. But funnily enough, I'm feeling good!

They say things have to get worse before they get better, you have to take one last look at your bad habits to reinforce in your mind why you want to change. And I've reinforced my goals now! A Native American Indian quote I once read says: "Continue to pollute your own bed, and one night you will choke in your own waste." And I believe this to be true. The American Indian was referring to the white man building his towns and cities on their sacred land, polluting the landscape. This refers well to my own home, fill it full of crap and it will find a way to choke me, be it through tripping up on junk and injuring myself, or choking on all the dust I disturb every time I go hunting for something I've lost and can't find.

Today I spent sorting through a bookcase of things I own, finding old paperwork from 2006, old diaries from 2008 and 2009, old magazines I no longer need or find relevant. It felt like I was clearing the junk out of my life, making way for my new life, choosing to keep only what I want and need in my life now. It really does feel like I'm clearing myself out spiritually, as well as clearing space out physically. A clear space really is a clear mind, a therapeutic process. And now I'm really starting to enjoy the journey.


  1. Hello there. I didn't reach my goal of Script Frenzy either but I did get a great start on 2 scripts that I'm still working on. I also got 3 dolls done to put into a shop. Can't have any sales if I don't have items out there.

    Glad you're feeling better. I know that when I start to get into a funk, it means it's time to straighten things. Then the creative energy flows once more. Have fun

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for your comment! :)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed their ScriptFrenzy goal. Though I didn't get two scripts going, I do have a fantastic idea and start on one script - a huge achievement for me! And instead of leaving it and never finishing it (what I usually do at the end of ScriptFrenzy and Nanowrimo), I intend to continue working on this and actually finish it! Because I love it so much! Are Wandi Spring Sprites your three dolls you completed? I love them! (off to post on your blog now!)

    My room is looking much tidier now and I am feeling so much better for it. Somehow the clutter seems to block your creativity, it's like a clear space gives you a clear mind! :)


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