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Monday, 31 May 2010

May Achievements

  • I created my Triffid Colour Pencil Drawing for Wetcanvas' Monthly Colour Pencil Challenge.
  • I lost 3 pounds in weight!
  • I paid £120 off my debt
  • Took pictures of a gorgeous snail on my windowsill
  • Watched at least 4 new DVD's this month: Elizabethtown, Twilight, Starship Troopers 3 and Make It Happen.
  • Played one new PS2 Game: X-Files
  • Closed a bank account and credit card I no longer owe any money to - Woo!


I'd like to do more writing, after ScriptFrenzy in April, I didn't do any writing this month! Need to do more hoovering, decluttering and PS2 Game Playing! I also want to do some more art, I only did one piece this month! I need to find a way of balancing all my challenges, so I get to do a little of everything each week, and make progress with everything to keep it all ticking over nicely - a happy balance is what I need!


  1. Great achievements- woo hoo on a credit card closed down- doesn't that feel great??!! You did get some art done too- gotta start somewhere, right?

    Best wishes for the next month- I look forward to reading about what you have been up to :)

  2. Thanks Kim! It really does feel great! I only have one more credit card to go - hopefully get rid of that this year!

    Thanks so much for your encouragement, I do have to start somewhere! Another goal for June might be to make sure I keep up with posting on here what I've been doing - I have been lagging a bit lately!


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