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Sunday, 16 May 2010

DVD - Twilight

Last night I watched Twilight, I am keeping to my goal of watching one of my DVD's each week, til eventually I will have watched all my DVD's. I have no idea why I bought so many until my shelves are heaving, but I should watch them if I bought them - it's about time I enjoyed them!

So, back to Twilight! I enjoyed it, but couldn't help thinking of Vampire Diaries, the TV series on ITV2 I seem to have fallen in love with! There were some similarities, but to be honest a completely different story in the end I think. And I did enjoy it, though if I had to pick between the two, for me, Stefan from Vampire Diaries makes a much sexier Vampire for me! Edward is good, and I like him, but Stefan is more tanned and I've seen him shirtless - he wins! Yummy!

In Twilight, I liked the addition of the Indians, I loved how they're a 'family' of Vampires, and the father of them seemed especially caring towards humans, he is a doctor after all. After watching this one, I'm keen to see the second one, as I get the feeling this one's a skirmish, the next one's war! :)

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