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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Script - Ghosts of Time

I'm doing a time travel screenplay for ScriptFrenzy this year, I'm not doing too badly with keeping up, though I seem to be writing once every couple of days now - instead of writing 3.33 pages each day to stay on target, I've been writing 6.66 pages every two days. At least I'm getting it done!

I don't have an outline or anything to really work from as yet, I have a female Time Agent from the future, whose been sent on a mission back in time, she has to build a team from people she picks out of time. But in order to prevent the time space continnuum from being altered any more than it already has, she has to pick people out of the timestream just a moment before they actually die!

So far I have her back in 1842, during the Massacre of Elphinstone's Army, in the city of Kabul in Afghanistan. She's going to pick one of the English soldiers to join her team. I also have the idea to travel to the 1960's and pick up a young girl, a hippie. I'm not sure what use she will be to the team, possibly she could have trained as a nurse or something useful like that? I'd like to pick someone out further in the future, maybe someone who's been genetically experimented on, escaped, caused major destruction while the authorities tracked him down and killed him. My Time Agent will rip him out of time from a building seconds before a missile hits it, there will be no trace of his body, whether she takes him or leaves him - so no harm to the time space continnuum!

The main idea for the plot of my script is that Aliens have access to time travel technology, and we may have even got the technology from them. The Aliens want to conquer and take over our planet, but we fight back. They scan our computers for our history, and see we are pretty good at destroying ourselves! So they go back in time, and bring Hitler to the future. Together they plan ways of bringing the human race down. Knowing Hitler's interest in dark arts and any way he can gain advantage to win a war, they use this to tamper with time and try to bring about humanity's downfall - sometimes unleashing viruses ahead of time, monsters back in time, genetic experimentation to enhance human's abilities, making them a very difficult adversary for the time agents to come up against when trying to protect the human timeline.

I tend to think of my script as The Terminator meets The Matrix. I hope it turns out somewhere near as good, and I'll be very happy!


  1. Hey sketching girl! I am glad you checked out my blog :D
    Linda actually gave me the mp3 for the Now Habit. Here they are

    Hope they help you out, and look me up on script frenzy, I am also ally-chan there :D

  2. Hi Ally-Chan, you're welcome, you do a great blog :)

    Thanks so much for the link for the Now Habit MP3's, hopefully it will help me catch up with my ScriptFrenzy pages!

    I have added you on the ScriptFrenzy page now, my username is Green_Raven :)

  3. Thank you! I try my best :D!

    And you're very welcome! I am sure they will help you too :D

    I will add you as well!
    Good continuations in your pages!!

  4. Stealing my now habit mp3, lol. I hope that will help.
    I'm so behind at script frenzy.
    I'll catch up tonight :D

  5. LOL, Hope you don't mind!

    I am slipping more now with ScriptFrenzy, I just need to kick myself to do it!

  6. I love your story. I am also doing Script Frenzy, I won in 2008 for KillJoy, an action thriller.

    I'm doing 2 scripts at the same time right now. Which ever one finishes first....

    Good luck. I'm thytlefae on SF. Love the Sean Bean pic.

  7. Congratulations on winning ScriptFrenzy in 2008, Wendy! I have yet to complete a script for ScriptFrenzy, and the rate I'm going at now, I could do with a real kick! lol!

    I am amazed you're managing two scripts at the same time, I would definitely struggle, but love that it gives you variety - and if you get stuck on one you can always move onto the other!

    Thank you, I'm Green_Raven on ScriptFrenzy, feel free to buddy me! I love the Sean Bean pic too, any excuse to get a picture of him on there! ;)


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