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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Triffid - Finished?

Here's what I have now! I have darkened it a lot, and it does look more improved. I'm wondering if I should call this finished or do some more work on it? So I'm going to allow it to sit for a bit while I figure out what to do next! Besides, I find when I've just finished working on something I never think it's that good - then after a while, I look back and think it's turned out much better than I thought it had!

Please let me know what you think! Constructive Criticism very welcome! :)


  1. I really like the boldness it has now- and I love the glow around the yellow dots- very pretty! have you ever worked with watercolor pencils? I use them a lot in my journal and I really love them. I do the same thing- let something sit where I can see it and just look at it for a few days to form an opinion. I really love the contrast in the colors too- makes my eyes happy ♥

  2. Thank you! I wasn't sure how well the glow around the yellow dots worked out. I do actually have a small set of watercolour pencils somewhere, though I've never tried them out. I believe you can use them as normal pencils as well as brushing water over them afterwards, to make it like a watercolour pencil. I think you can only form a true opinion of a picture if you do leave it lying around for a bit, then you can see you did better than you thought you did, and decide you like it again!

    As for the contrasts in the colours, I actually think I've done my best picture for creating colour contrasts, I don't usually get lights and darks so different, think it helped as I was thinking of darkening the background to make the flower stand out - learning to think of values as I'm doing the picture now - instead of afterwards or not at all!

  3. I like the bold colours too, the combination of shades works really well. I like the texture which you have created by colouring in the same direction, it works really well and would look great framed.

    I think it is always a good idea with anything you create to allow it to "rest" a while to make sure you are happy with it.

    It is interesting to see the scope of your work; from the architectural drawing of the building to your latest work.

    I really like your art. :-)

  4. Hi Pan, Thanks so much for liking my art!
    I hadn't thought of framing this, but I think I should start thinking of framing my work and putting it up in my home - it will encourage me to do more I think!
    The texture was a happy accident, as was the shades working well together - I am still learning! I'm trying to push myself now to try new things and improve my skills, I enjoy doing buildings so I definitely want to try more of them, and I also want to improve my colour pencil techniques, and try new things like monsters, I've never done them before. (Unless you count the spider!) LOL!

    Thanks so much for your compliments!


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