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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June 2010 Goal List

  1. Get Up Early Every Day
  2. Declutter Surfaces and Keep Them Clear
  3. Hoover once a week
  4. Continue to lose one pound in weight a week
  5. Curb spending on luxuries! No more ebay and etsy purchases this month - Stop Looking!
  6. Catch up with emails and read them every day
  7. Continue to pay my debt off and clear it
  8. Choose a Decluttering session once a week!
  9. Declutter Clothing (Entire Wardrobe and Bed Drawers)
  10. Declutter and Alphabetically organise CD's
  11. Watch at least 4 new DVD's
  12. Play at least 4 new PS2 Games
  13. Choose a drawing lesson/session once a week, no matter what, and stick to it. Work on a challenge or study.
  14. Choose a writing lesson/session once a week, and stick to it. Find writing challenges online, write a scene, use One Minute Writer for inspiration.

* Plan the lessons/sessions before I start them, so I know what I'm doing and have no excuse not to do them!


  1. This sounds like a good goal list- good luck- I hope you have a really good month :)

  2. Thank you, if I manage to do these, or nearly all these, I should do! :)


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