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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What did I do last month?

Today I find myself wondering what did I do last month. I know I didn't accomplish all my goals, though I found some new goals to try, and managed to do some things, and hope I've learned a better way to do some things. I have a bad habit of latching onto something, whatever goal it is, and doing nothing but that until I exhaust that particular goal, and then I move on to another, and do that until I exhaust that too. Maybe this month I should look to doing things in moderation, so I can learn to hold back on doing things to the point of exhaustion and never doing it again. I guess like my starsign, Taurus, I can tend to go at things like a bull at a gate!

Things I achieved last month:
  • Learnt to crochet - Basics, but it's a start!
  • Watched a ton of DVD's, and managed to make a dent in my collection, I will get them all tested!
  • Managed to get up early with the help of Tools to Life site, and arrive at work on time! A miracle for me!
  • Took part in a Carnival, first ever for me!

I think I have learned this month that I need to schedule things more loosely for me to do them, like Art, Crafts and Writing. I need to do things spontaneously if I am to enjoy them and not think of them as chores. In a way, I maybe need a checklist of tasks to do, just choose randomly at the time which I feel like doing - be it writing, art, crochet, scrapbooking, dolls house miniatures, DVD watching, Video Game playing. But when I've done it in the week, I must tick off that item, not to do it again that week, unless I've done everything else on the checklist. This might stop me from sticking to one thing, doing lots of that and ignoring everything else!

I'd like to progress with my art every week, and it's sad that I haven't done any drawing or art at all last month, and I want to have something to post. I want to create checklist, of Art, Writing, Crafts, and then sub-checklists within each section, so I can see what within those sections I can choose to do, i.e. the Art section would have various Art Challenges listed, along with study suggestions, and reference images to try, maybe even lessons from some of my books to try. I must have ideas and things to do in each section to try - or I won't have anything I can do when I have the time to do them! Then I can share with you what I do!


  1. just learning to crochet is a good accomplishment for the month! I like your thoughts on how to attack the next month. Sometimes I get stuck on just one thing too- but for me it works better if I just roll with it because I've learned that my brain just keeps going back to the thing it wants to do! Good luck on your goals for July :)

  2. I guess you might be right on your brain going back to the thing it wants to do. I keep thinking of like back at school when we did a variety of subjects split into little slots over the course of the week, we learned a little of each subject each week, hence we progressed with all of them slowly, but simultaneously. Of course, that can leave you knowing a little of each subject, but not progressing on them very quickly, and could easily be likened to being 'a jack of all trades, master of none.'

    I guess if you want to master a subject, you should focus on it to the exclusion of all others. Then you can become an expert at it. You also run the risk of getting overkill on the one subject though - and I am definitely guilty of that one! I guess it's figuring out what works best for me - trial and error!


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