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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PS2 - I love it!

Today I played Marvel Ultimate Alliance on PS2, I loved it! I originally loved the X-Men Legends games on PS2, I loved being able to swap and choose which X-Men to have on your team, but with Marvel Ultimate Alliance, you get to choose from all of Marvel's heroes! I am a huge fan of comics, especially Marvel Comics, so this makes me feel very much like a kid in a toy shop!

The cool thing is, I can swap and change between all four active characters during gameplay, and I never know which one to stick with 'cos I love them all! They all appear strong and worthy opponents, albeit with differing abilities, and some characters are better at some things than others, so it does help to have a balanced group of strengths and abilities in each team, but it's just so much fun! I wonder now why I haven't played it before, 'cos I'm gonna be playing it so much now!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

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