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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Today's Sketch - Blair (Terminator)

Continuing my daily sketches, I tried something a bit more taxing today - a figure study of the character Blair Williams from the movie Terminator Salvation. Yesterday's sketch was completely easy and lots of fun, this one certainly strained my meagre art skills! I enjoyed doing the details on the clothing, doing zips and curves in the clothing is fun for me, but getting features right, the hair, and especially the hands, is really hard work for me! Just shows what I need the most practice with! It's only now I look back on it I really see how big I've made her nose - it's actually smaller than her mouth! Ooops! Perhaps I should aim to do at least 1 - 2 portrait/figure drawing sketches a week, that way I will make progress on my people and make them more realistic - and easier to draw!

Any constructive criticism would be gratefully received!


  1. I like her- but I agree with the things you said- somehow her nose seems a bit too big- but overall I think you are doing well. I think the biggest part of being able to draw well is practice and "learning to see"--by that I mean not seeing the nose, but the shadows and shapes that make up the nose- does that make sense? Have you ever tried making a grid over your picture you are drawing from and then just looking at each square instead of the big picture? I did something like that in high school- it helps a lot :) You are on a roll with the sketches- good for you!!!!

  2. It's good to see your keeping up with sketching everyday! Not gonna lie, it can be taxing sometimes...but stick with it, it'll only make you improve! With that said, nice sketch today. It's also good your challenging yourself, never shy away from trying to draw anything new...the more you draw the better you become.
    For a constructive crit I would say: try drawing the hair as a complete volume instead of every line. It's quicker and allows you to understand form. You might like it:)
    Check out Henry Yan and what he does with quick 5 min sketches...could inspire you a little.
    go here: http://www.henryyanart.com/index.php

    Good luck and keep it up! I'll stop in from time to time, and see how your doing!

    Ohh...I forgot, fantastic photos BTW.

  3. Hi Kim, Thanks! I have done that with the grid when I was younger, it is surprising how accurate that turns out! I guess it helps concentrating on only one part at a time! I get confused with the overall picture I think! But practice makes perfect! Thanks for your support! :)

  4. Hi DCriler, Thanks so much for popping over to my blog! :)

    I agree it is taxing, especially after this sketch of Blair, but I think when we challenge ourselves, we do improve - hopefully we learn from our mistakes!

    Thanks for the tip with the hair, I tried it a little on my latest sketch I've just posted, but not very detailed as I chose blonde hair for her and concentrated on her wings!

    Thanks so much for your help, looking forward to seeing more of you! :)


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