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Monday, 12 July 2010

45min Sketch - Space Pod

After being inspired by the Lunchtime Sketches by DCriler in my last post, I had a go at a short sketch myself. As I work part time, and only have two official lunch breaks each week, only half an hour long, I don't think I can call mine Lunchtime Sketches. But I would like to do a 30 - 45min sketch each day, that would be similar to a Lunchtime Sketch. Today I sketched for 45 minutes after tea, I sketched a Space Pod from an exercise in my "Awesome Things to Draw" book. It may be a kids book, but it shows you fun things to draw in easy step-by-steps. Great for when you want something planned out for you!

I like how my space pod turned out, even experienting with using my eraser to create highlights on the nose cone and a little on the tail exhausts. Perhaps the nose cone is a little too dark, but I still had fun doing it! Just click the image above for a larger view, and feel free to comment below - I'd love to hear some constructive criticism, or even just that you like it! :)


  1. I think it's awesome! Good for you for taking the plunge- I really like how you did the highlights on the nose. I love the attenae too ♥ probably didn't spell that right- hope you know what I mean there :)

  2. Thanks Kim! The highlights on the nose are a new thing for me, and surprisingly difficult when you have a thick eraser with rounded edges from plenty of use - not an ideal point to 'draw' highlights with - but fun nonetheless! Your spelling of antenna is close enough, I found that rather fun too! :)

    I figure if I do some exercises like this from books, some from imagination using what I've learnt from the exercises, I'm bound to improve! I'm surprised I did this in 45mins - I now understand how handy this is in planning a full colour illustration - much easier to do with a sketch beforehand! A Brilliant Idea!


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