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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Things to do before I'm 30!

I was reading Ally-Chan's 13 points as to how her life will be different in her 20's. I'll be turning 30 in a couple of years time, and it's made me wonder how my life might change in my 30's!

EEK, Scary! I don't wanna be old! Here's how I think my life should by the time I hit my 30's:
  1. I plan to still live at home with my parents. I like the company, it's fun, safe and secure.

  2. I would like to learn a little bit more independence. I do some baking, cleaning, etc. I'd like to learn more basic cooking of meals, get more familiar with operating the washing machine, and finally learn the ironing.

  3. I would like to gain more control of my finances, pay off the last of my bills, and stop reckless spending altogether!

  4. I dabble with my art and writing, I would like to practice both enough, and do enough completed works, to build up an online portfolio of both my art and my writing.

  5. I'd love be a novelist and movie/tv script writer, I'd love to get both my art and writing published. In my 30's, I'd like to be a published artist and writer. So I'll be practicing and improving my art and writing skills - learning on my own, through books and the internet.

  6. I currently work part time, I'm happy working part time as I can afford to pay my way whilst living with my parents and having low outgoings, and it gives me the time to work on my art and writing.

  7. I will lose friends and make new ones. I think this statement is true no matter what stage of your life you are in. It is a comfort to learn that as you lose some friends, you will meet new friends along the way.

  8. LOL, I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, so definitely no arguing with one! Bliss! But who knows what the future will hold?

  9. I will have to balance work, studying, fun time and writing. This is true for me. I often struggle to balance my time to do all of what I need to do, and do what I need to do. Like right now, I'm typing this for my blog, when I should be catching up on the 6.66 pages I need to do today for ScriptFrenzy!
  10. I'd like to practice my Maths without a calculator, I do struggle with it. I would love to have the confidence to do sums without the fear of not being able to do it without a calculator.

  11. I'd like to live a healthy lifestyle. I am not grossly overweight, only about half a stone over what I should be. I'd like to eat more fruit as healthy snacks, and take some exercise on days I am not working. I wouldn't mind having a slimmer tummy and losing my double chin that's currently growing! (Please note the irony, I am writing this on a day I have just eaten a whole Easter egg, Chocolate Cake and some Chocolate Easter Nests!)

  12. I'd also like to spend less time mindlessly surfing the internet, limiting that to evenings only when I'm not doing anything else. It isn't healthy to spend too great a length of time online every single day.

  13. Most of all, I want to be happy and relaxed. Content with myself and content with my life.

And this should be my perfect life. Thankfully, not all that different from the one I have now - it's easily within reach!


  1. I love this. We share so many things. I am a published illustrator and working on novels. I am realizing my dream of being a self-supporting artist. Welcome to the club.

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for following my blog! :)

    I love that you're an illustrator as well as a writer, it's fantastic we both share a love for the same things! Good Luck in becoming a self-supporting artist, I hope your dream comes true! :)


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