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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife

I love the Resident Evil movies, they're the reason I fell in love with zombies. Ever since I first saw the beginning trailer of Resident Evil 3 on the Playstation One console, I thought zombies were cool. Every Resident Evil game since then has impressed me, none more so than Resident Evil Code Veronica X. I loved the crazy Alexia/Alfred twins, Claire Redfield is cool, and I totally fell in love with Steve Burnside. Such a lovable character, I so would love to see him in a movie. (Here's hoping this is the one!).

I just discovered the trailer for the brand new Resident Evil: Afterlife movie, does it look good? It looks BRILLIANT!!! Alice is back, Milla Jovovich plays her brilliantly - a character invented for the films, and now a firm fan favourite. Claire Redfield, played by Heroes Ali Larter, who first appeared in the last Resident Evil: Extinction. I've now stumbled across the IMDB page to see Sienna Guillory will also be reprising her role as Jill Valentine! And just when I think I could not be happier, I saw Wesker in the new trailer, showing off his red eyes and looking menacingly into the camera as he flicks his cool shades away. I cannot wait to see this film! Check out this trailer below, you will love it!

The brand new Resident Evil: Afterlife will hit cinemas here in the UK, on 10th September 2010! I can't wait!

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