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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My First Crochet

In keeping with my goals this month (see down the right side column for this month's goal list), I've started to learn to crochet. Today is the first time ever I have tried to crochet - and I have learned it is quite a humbling experience! For what you first think will be a doddle to learn, you soon realise actually requires quite an amount of skill!

Today I have created a long chain, and a few single crochet stitches. Considering I did Textiles GCSE at school and came out with a D, I think I've done surprisingly well in the end! It is surprisingly fingers and thumbs, attempting to keep the tension right and make the links in my chain all the same size, it does resemble what it's meant to look like! Not all the links are the same size, and the tension does need some work, but I think with practice, this might be something I could get good at - but I definitely need more practice!


  1. I think it looks pretty fantastic for your first attempt! I don't know how to crochet- so I am in awe :)

  2. You seem ready to make some Amigurumi, hehe :D

  3. Thanks Kim, I have given it a little break and hope to come back to it and do even better (hopefully)!

    Linda, I'm not familiar with the name "Amigurumi" - I had to look it up! But I love the cute little crochet creatures, and hope they would be fairly quick and easy to do? Except your millipede of course, 120 legs? Wow! They look great though, I love anything cute with a smiley face! :)


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