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Thursday, 24 May 2012

I am Happy and Grateful Today!

Inspired by a forum thread on the Nanowrimo website, to post every day something that you are grateful for today, and something that has made you happy today.  So here is what has made me happy and grateful for today...

What I'm grateful for today:
For some reason I woke up bouncing happy today, wide awake, full of energy, and happy to accomplish many things. This has not happened to me for a really long time!
What makes me happy today:
Sitting down this afternoon with the warm sunny weather, and starting to create a colour pencil landscape art piece that I really enjoyed doing. (I don't usually enjoy landscapes, but this one is fun).  Now all I have to do is plan my novel for CampNanowrimo and I'll be all set with my Art and Writing Goals! :)

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