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Monday, 18 October 2010

Nanowrimo Here I Come!

I am looking forward to National Novel Writing Month this year, I have read the first few chapters of No Plot? No Problem! A low-stress, high-velocity guide to writing a novel in 30 days! And I'm feeling confident! I don't have a plot or any real plan for my novel this year, and according to this book, I don't need to!

I would like to improve my prose, as I don't think I've had enough practice writing in prose, I'm sure my scenes aren't written perfectly and I need the practice. Writing 50,000 words of prose is certainly going to give me the practice! I just have to remember it doesn't have to be perfect - no first draft of anything is ever perfect. That's what rewrites are for!

Still, it can't do any harm to practice writing random scenes between now and November to try and get some improvement, as well as acting as a warm-up for my daily writing next month. You can write random scenes from TV series or movies you've seen, or try writing the next scene that would follow on from a scene you've either read in a novel, or watched on a TV series/movie, or try making up a new scene to a fave movie, tv series or comic book. Like a mini fanfiction piece.

Happy Writing Everyone!


  1. I'm in too. I can't wait to start. I'm going to write a vampire story. I don't really have a full plot yet, just it will involve some travel and a long long life time, a revenge and a quest for identity.

  2. Hi Linda, That's great! I love Vampire stories! It doesn't matter if you don't have a plot yet, you can discover it as you start to write - go on a journey with your characters next month!

    I'm thinking of writing about a group of characters being shrunk, and struggling to survive in miniature. Possibly some kind of government experiment, only they escape the laboratory! There may be a group of soldiers shrunk down to come after them and try to recapture or kill them! Other than that, no real plot, and no idea what characters I'm going to create yet!

    It will be fun to do them together! Good Luck! :)


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