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Sunday, 3 October 2010

My Art & Writing Plans!

I want to work more at both my art and writing. Both of which I love and never spend as much time on as I should. One trouble I have is when I actually find the time to sit down and do it, I find I don’t know what to draw or write about.

So now I have a plan! A To Do List or Plan for both my Art and Writing, then I have a list of ideas for writing exercises and images I would like to do, especially to challenge myself and help me improve. Then whenever I have the time to sit down and draw or write, I will be able to pick an item from my list, and start work immediately! :)

My Art Plan

(collect reference images for the following items)

  • A movie scene / DVD still (e.g. Mal & Badger in Firefly)
  • Space scene - nebula, planets, spaceships
  • Reptiles - lizard, frog, snake
  • Plants - foliage, unusual flowers, wild plants
  • Street scene - an urban street, building, window, door
    Elegantly dressed lady, fashion, catalogue figure
  • Music Star - Sophie Ellis Bextor, Shakira, Muse, Mika, McFly
  • Unusual Still Life - keys, bank note, promo cards, tokens, keyrings, a box, plug, deodorant. Things you use every day, but never think about.
  • Weapons - guns, knives, bow & arrow - maybe in use. Find a dynamic way of using them in a scene, or part of a scene.
  • Actors & Actresses - posing in pictures. Dancers too.

My Writing Plan

(either in script or prose)

  • Visit One Minute Writer, and pick a prompt to write for one minute.
  • On a Friday, visit One Minute Writer, and write a Friday Fiction piece.
  • Write a scene from a movie or tv script, with description in prose.
  • Write a scene introducing a character.
  • Write an action scene, with fighting or shooting. Make it as intense, immediate and real as you can.
  • Write a romantic scene, maybe asking someone on a date.
  • Write a stressful scene, someone frustrated or angry. (e.g. Spooks). Use body language to help.

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