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Friday, 18 November 2011

New Music: Il Divo - Regresa a mi (Unbreak My Heart)

Today I got an email from Muzu.tv letting me know about some new music videos Il Divo had uploaded, about some of the songs from their new album (they sound really good by the way), and then I stumbled across another music video they had uploaded. 'Regresa a mi' which means 'Unbreak My Heart' - which if I remember correctly, was originally a song by Toni Braxton, many years ago? Anyway, this is a beautiful and emotional version of the song, which somehow they've managed to make amazing in the way they arrange the song with their harmonious vocals. I fell in love with this, not only an amazing song the way they sing it, but also a lovely video, with an old-world feel to it. Is it set in the 1930s, or somewhere around there? I just love it. And I hope you do to...

on MUZU.

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